Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reflection on other classmates' lessons

I really feel that all the lessons were prepared and executed at a high level. I was introduced to many new techniques that I plan on using one day. Such as class rules, seating arrangments, new and fun activities for the students, and great teaching techniques. The way podcasting was used in some of the lessons really opened my eyes to a whole new way to approach teaching. The visual and audio capabilities are unless to explore and the students really enjoy new and different ways of learning.
The attitudes were great, and the lessons were even better. You can tell that the other students and I took the things we learned from Professor Luongo and scaatered our lessons with them. Overall, my classmates' lessons were wonderful and very useful. I was happy to participate in them as well as learn a new thing or two. Our class is full of people who one day in the future will become great teachers.

Reflection of my podcast

My partner and I planned to use the podcast to bring the classroom alive. We used a great sing along video with lyrics for the students, which allowed the students to see it and hear it. Yes we used it in our lesson. We felt it was a great and new way of teaching students and that the video would be liked. the students reacted well to the podcast. They all had their eyes on the screen and singing along with the words as they scrolled by, it went very well. I dont think we could have done anything more with the podcast to make it more effective. It was very effective for all learners, from the audio to the visual effects, all the way down to the presentation of it I was pleased. I have alot of other ideas on how to use podcasting in my future lessons. Either for songs, videos, audio books, etc... there are so many ways to use podcasting successfully in the classroom.

Reflection of my lesson

To prepare for our lesson, my partner and I really tried to make a step by step outline of how we wanted to execute our lesson. We wanted to carefully prepare our methods and prodcedures to flow smoothly and to always be progessing throughout the lesson. The objective for our lesson was to get the students to be able to sing along to a song with the teacher and podcast audio video. We also wanted to the students to be able to identify words that rhyme, as well as recognizing words and placing them with the right picture. For assessment measures we observed the students to make sure they were appropriately responding to the text and the song. Then we prompted the students for discussion of new and unfamiliar vocabulary words. We handed out a worksheet for the students to complete in class, where they had to match words that rhyme with one another. Then another worksheet for the students to complete for homework, where the students had to match pictures with words. The lesson wasn't executed exactly how it was written because we had to make modifications to the lesson to best fit the students when the lesson began. the most important thing I tried to teach the students was words that rhyme. It went very well because the book, song, and podcast made it very easy for the students to grasp the objective. It gace the students a visual, audio, and concrete source to learn from. What I learned from the students was that the more and different ways you try to present something makes it much easier to grasp instead of just one. The only thing i would have done differently was inforced more disaplinary rules for the class. My partner and I really didnt set any rules for the students and definatly paid for it. Presenting a rule system to the students would have made the lesson much more effective. I would of gave us some control of the students and allowed us to carry on with the lesson. This is the area where I need improve to better myself for the real thing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Effectice Questiong for Our Lesson

Effective Questioning
1. Ask students if they know any bodies of water?
2. Ask students if they know anything about watermelons?
3. What was the bear doing in the story?
4. What was the fly wearing?
5. What kind of tail did the whale have?
6. What was the dragon pulling?
7. Who was the moose kissing?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of the Day Sept 29th

We'll today we took a big bite out of our lesson plan, almost completing it. We just need to make a worksheet or two. We still need to record our story as a song on podcast, as well as complete the lesson plan. As of now, the lesson looks to be coming along very well and looks to be a solid and strong lesson. Hopefully we will be totally completed by the end of this week.

Plan for Sept 29th

Today I'll be completing my effective questioning portion of my lesson plan. As well as starting the structure of our lesson plan. We won't be able to finish our podcasting today due to that fact that we don't have all the proper materials as of now. But, I assure you that we will get it done proir to our presentation date. We are just having some trouble with uploading our power point and music onto the podcasting system.